Her career has gone something like this: From launching and managing product extensions for Conde Nast’s portfolio of world renowned lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazine brands to launching,  hosting and contributing to live, lifestyle TV shows on CBS, NBC and other networks. Meaghan Mooney is a dynamic, relatable and trusted on-air and online personality with multifaceted career experience in the media and consumer lifestyle, fashion and beauty products industries. 


Born in Providence, RI, Meaghan began working in the entertainment industry at age ten when she landed roles in multiple national commercials, print advertisements, and as a "kid reporter" on a Saturday morning TV show on NBC. She would go on to earn a degree in textile (fashion) marketing from the College of Business at URI, where she's now a member of the Textiles Board. 

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Work-life in New York City's fashion world came next, but her career pivoted from office desk back to on-camera, when Brides Magazine's Editor-in-Chief handpicked Meaghan to be their Style Expert in a series of DIY videos for the brand. Soon after, she won a two-month long TV competition to co-host a live lifestyle show for a whole year on CBS in Providence! Meaghan would go on to launch and host other live shows, be an on-air contributor, and anchor the news at TV stations all across the country, including in Denver, CO and Washington DC. It wasn’t long before the energetic and ambitious star became an Emmy Award-winning TV host and an Emmy-nominated TV host and producer.


Meaghan's also the author and creator of a children’s book series and product line, Tilly Tails. Launching this brand has been just one of Meaghan's many creative outlets where she blends passion with work. Her other accomplishments include being a floral designer, men's personal stylist, lifestyle blogger and influencer, improv actor, critical thinking student, world traveler, yogi, college mentor and media coach. Her next goals? Becoming a homeowner, wife and mom. 

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