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Feet in Pain? Feel These Puppies.

Wishing I was at the Super Bowl, just so I could wear these life-saving slip-ons outside!! But, alas it's snowing up here in New England, so I'll stay in and cheer on Tom Brady. Some things just never change ;). Anyway--back to the shoes. I know I’m not alone with my feet issues, so anytime I can share my relief, I hope it helps others.

These slip-ons with the fur have been everything. I don’t get the very, very sharp pins/needles pain in the ball of my feet (Metatarsalgia), which is what I experience in most shoes. These cozy, comfortable and chic slip-ons offer arch support, which is what helps relieve all the pressure that would otherwise weigh on the ball of my feet. Not only do I not feel that "stinging," they're also kind to my bunions (with lots of room) and a soft material inside (so, no rough rubbing).

PLUS, I get to actually appreciate a pedicure indoors in winter in style!!! I just ordered another 2 pairs in Black and Tan. If this sounds like you, check them out.


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