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No Gym? No Problem.

Long before the pandemic--when big gyms and boutique companies had to close--I canceled my gym membership. Why? I felt like I could be more efficient with my time if I didn't have to commute to and from the gym. And I think I simply wanted to challenge myself-- to find out how dedicated I could be to working out at home. Turns out, it just takes some creativity and self-motivation.

TIP #1: Wear your inspiration.

When I know I have cute workout clothes to wear and comfortable sneakers to throw on, that totally motivates me to get moving. It's like, dressing for the lifestyle you want. Here's what I love about the sneakers, sports bra & short shorts I'm wearing below --

SNEAKERS: Have you heard about HOKA? OMG, these kicks have saved me from some serious sneaker woes. You guys already know, that when it comes to my feet, the struggle is real. I'll try anything that promises relief to my ball of my foot pain. HOKA has a slew of sneakers with 'neutral' stability and a heal-to-toe-drop of 5mm; two things that help provide comfort to feet like mine. But, at first glance of this footwear, I was not a fan of its fashion.

That's because style is personal and all I could see were sneakers that were a sight for sore eyes-- to me. Nonetheless, I tried a few pairs on. And guess what? I had a change of heart. I started thinking-- these sneakers are the SOS for sore feet that I need! Now, I look at them through a completely different lens. One that says: these shoes are totally my style! They reflect who I am because I feel good wearing them.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." --Coco Chanel

Here's what also drew me in...spotting HOKA sneakers on a Lululemon model. Usually, I don't pay attention to anything other than the leggings, but these completed the look!

I also loved learning that HOKA is more connected with the fashion world than I initially thought (forgive me HOKA!). They do collabs with niche fashion brands, like One Ceremony. That's what I'm wearing. I bought them only a month ago. And guess what? They've already sold out of that style and the others I went back and forth about...


SPORTS BRA: Besides comfortable footwear, if there's one thing that takes my workout motivation away, that would be a sports bra with a removable insert. Not because they're particularly uncomfortable to wear, but that after I wash them, I notice the inserts have moved, folded and crinkled. I could never get the inserts back in the right way and they left crease marks through the fabric. So, I recently, I set out to update my sports bra collection. I would only buy ones that do NOT have removable inserts. It wasn't as easy as I thought! I'm so glad I finally found these Reebok sports bras. Can you relate?


SHORT SHORTS: I have to admit that these biker shorts are FUN to wear! Like, I get to relieve my 80's childhood, while still looking and feeling my age (now). Whenever I shop for not-my-kids-self-spandex-shorts (or pants!), I look for a high-waist to flatter the belly and thick material to flatter the booty. When they ALSO have an integrated pocket? That's key.

TIP #2: Get outside safely.

By now, we all know that our chances of infection are massively reduced when we're outside. So, whenever the New England weather works in our favor (awkward laugh), I love getting out there. Kidding aside, even those winter months bring bright sunny days that make me say, thank you nature; I've been craving this vitamin D! Plus, the fresh air does wonders for my SPF-covered skin. THAT is essential before heading out. I also make sure to bundle up like I'm about to climb Mt. Everest and use extra caution with every step.

TIP #3: Save on space and weights.

I own some workout accessories, like a foam roller and yoga mat, as well as few weights. Some gear is essential to me, but I didn't buy them before I was 100% committed to using them. So, I've had my share of using cans of veggies, gallons of milk and even a rolling pin in a pinch, as alternatives to weights. It's still common for me to fill a beach bucket with rocks and hug that, to do weight bearing squats. I'm like, whatever works, just get it done.

Got empty bottles in the recycling bin? Clean and refill them with sand or water, and use them for your virtual workouts in the living room. That's where I do mine. It's simple enough to move the furniture around and use the smart TV to mirror free online workouts or classes. Sometimes I'll do arm exercises using a dining room chair or work on cardio by going up and down the stairs! One of my gf's swears by her latest jumprope she uses to burn the calories away. But, before she committed to jumprope as a daily exercise, she started with just a rope. Maybe your kids have a "regular, old jumprope" you could borrow? Hop to it!


Since I started working out in this way, it has made me feel even better about myself after I sweat. Like, I can do anything I put my mind to. How do you workout without a gym?

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