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by Meaghan Mooney

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Trust me. It's not your average kids' book :)


Style Starts with a Smile is an ultra-modern story for all growing minds about how personal style and wellness go hand-in-hand. Through fun, poetic rhymes and cool, expressive designs, Emmy-winning TV host and style expert, Meaghan Mooney, teaches you how to develop personal style that aligns with your total wellbeing. Discover what you love and what makes you happy from the inside out, as Meaghan guides you (and all the other different kids in the book) on a behind-the-scenes-ish, journey. The adventure awaits! And is sure to engage you past the pages, too. Suggested for ages 4-10+

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by Meaghan V Mooney

Tilly & Meaghan
Tilly Tails by Meaghan

Meaghan Mooney's popular children's book is based on her family's real-life rescue dog, Tilly! The inspiration to write Tilly Tails: A Day at the Beach came after receiving daily "Tilly Tails" text messages from Meaghan's dad to keep her up to speed on all their adventures together. Now, you too can join in on one of their journeys (to the beach!) and learn all about the land and ways to stay safe and healthy. Tilly Tails is sold at local bookstores in RI, as well as amazon and 

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