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As a media insider with a business background, Meaghan Mooney brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to you and your company. She founded Meagnetic Media to help professionals like you attract customers to your brand. Why play around with the same old when you can up your game and get your message to stick!

Media Coach

Let's Face It.

In today's world, we all need to know how to communicate effectively on-camera, as well as in person. Whether you're meeting virtually with clients or presenting yourself to viewers as an expert in your field, it's important to be your best public speaking self.  I help professionals like you build confidence, enhance credibility, and take business to the next level. 


ContenT Creator

Connecting Is Key.

Today's modern consumers are inundated with information and have options galore! To break through the noise, businesses must use powerful storytelling and connect emotionally with their audiences. I help companies like yours uncover the unique stories behind their brands and work through how to share them.

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